What an experience South America has been, from the first day/session we facilitated in Santiago in Chile, to our final leg in Buenos Aires Argentina, we met different players and coaches from many different backgrounds but all having one thing in common which is their love for rugby.

Rugby is an amazing sport. You can jump on a plane, travel to the other side of the world and meet a complete stranger that will take you in and you can talk about rugby the entire time and it’s as if you knew one another for years. Below are photos from Tony’s family in Catamarca a town in northern Argentina. Tony hosted us the entire day and invited us to his home for dinner with his family and friends, I was very humbled by his generosity and there were many others over the 2 weeks that treated us with the same hospitality. I am truly thankful for their kindness.



As well as the rugby, I’ve also eaten myself around South America. Some of the best BBQ you will ever have is around this area of the world and the famous line of the trip from everyone in the different Argentinian cities:

"Estas son las mejores empanadas de Argentina"

“these are the best Empanadas in Argentina”

I now jump on the plane home 4 kgs heavier but very, very merry.

I now head home to start planning our next moves in this past of the world and tick off the other goals we have in the rest of the sporting world. I can’t wait to come back at the end of this year and keep spreading the Toki love.

Thank you to everyone in our South American partnership who organised our trip, sorted our schedules, made key contacts for us and treated us with the best hospitality ever – You know who you are!

Muchas Gracias South America and see you soon x

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