As we left Santiago yesterday we flew over one of the worlds most extraordinary natural borders “The Andes”, which separates Chile and Argentina. It’s amazing to think that the white mountain peaks goes on for kilometres up & down the Chilean & Argentinian border.

I think about how blessed I am to have this opportunity to see the world, to meet new people and share our knowledge with people from across the world that are really passionate about the sport of rugby – and I mean seriously passionate, these people grow up following football since birth and to decide to play rugby instead shows how much they love the sport.

Waking up this morning was a majestic view from our hotel room with the sunrise creating a spectacular contrast of blues, reds, yellows with the dark shadow of the city. Damn I’m lucky.

From Mendoza we push onto Tucuman for more rugby clinics with one of the local clubs there.

Not much coaching or code talk in this blog, but thought I’d share a few thoughts and images of the beauty that surrounds us right now.

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