What to do after life as a professional athlete? It is a question that a lot of professional athletes ponder over and I am no exception. As I started to near the end of my professional rugby career, I looked at what life was going to be like with both fear and excitement.

I would ask myself questions like; What will I enjoy doing for the next 30 years of my life? Will my body be able to handle that line of work? Am I bright enough to do that job? Do I have the skills to do that? Will I enjoy sitting at a desk all day? These are just some of the questions that I asked myself and that I continue to ask myself.

Ultimately it comes down to what job I could land that suited my skills and experience? I have Bachelor of Tourism Management, speak Te Reo Maori, have a Diploma in Adult Education, a qualified Real Estate Agent, and I’m passionate about my Maori culture.

I have also been very fortunate to have worked over ten years in a professional environment that requires you to be committed, focused, competitive, self-confident, disciplined, have drive, time management and a high tolerance for pain.

The more I explored work opportunities, the more I knew that I wanted to create something for myself. To have something of my own that I could use my skills and invest the same energy and attention into as I did with my sports.

My partnership with Joe Fiu which is TOKI SERVICES is an exciting business that is very suited to my skills and experience. Joe and I both bring something different to the company and complement each other nicely. As we grow you can expect Toki to be at the forefront of sports, event management, tourism, cultural experiences, and education.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to travel and play in many different countries. These trips for me have taught me some of the most valuable skills in both rugby and life, and lead to some of my greatest memories. Whether it be the ‘had to be there’ stories I am forever trying to re-tell, or the lifelong friends I have made from each place I have played. These lifelong experiences are what I want Toki Services to create for others.

Rugby is such a fantastic game that is enjoyed by many; it continues to grow all across the world and Toki Services is here to help. I consider myself very fortunate to have played at both the professional and amateur level of the game, and it gives me great honour to be able to continue to work within the wider rugby community.