Day one done and dusted working in Santiago, Chile and what an amazing experience. With the Andes in the background for both schools we went into today it was a surreal experience having such a picturesque landscape almost a stone’s throw away.

First school we popped into this morning was the Grange School, it’s an old colonial school where it’s steeped in tradition and with such a proud history they take their rugby very seriously. We met a friendly NZ face with Hamish Murihead who had taught at Naenae College for 7 years after moving to Wellington, he’s spent the past 18 months here and was great helpiing us coordinate the session and also organising the kids.

After taking the 1st & 2nd XV we went across town to their arch rivals Santiago College who follow a more “American-ized” school system as opposed to the Grange School. Both colleges hold great prestige here in Chile and the kids & coaches were awesome to work with.

Day one would best be summed as, sponges. All of the coaches and kids here are just soaking up everything we do with them, the simplest but most effective drills, advice, and technical skill coaching is welcomed with open arms. The skill level might not be there with New Zealand kids but you definitely can’t fault the work ethic which is refreshing to be involved with.

Tomorrow morning we press onto the Mackay School and hopefully we get to see a bit more of Santiago, it’s a beautiful place and very keen to see as much as possible – however if I can eventually fall asleep (it’s 1am here in Santiago) then I’m up early for a run and get me old mate Josh up and burn off all of the fine dining we’ve been doing here thus far.
Until next time will blog soon, Peace.