The first blog, the first overseas business trip, the first time in South America. For every company there’s a first for everything from making your first dollar to running into your business’s first road block, and soon we/I’ll be stepping into a whole new world as I head off to Chile and Argentina to run rugby coaching clinics and promote the company in this developing rugby continent.

I’m sitting at the airport thinking “why didn’t I learn spanish at school when I had the chance” but then again excitement is kicking in knowing that it’s going to be an awesome experience teaching and sharing ideas with coaches & players where english is a barrier, but we all have one thing in common which is the game of rugby. It’s a global language much like football or basketball. No words needed, just get out there perform the basics of the game and enjoy it.

I touch down in Chile in 15 hours then it’s straight to work for our first school visit. I’ll share the journey with you all, wish me luck and stay tuned.