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founded in 2016

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our vision

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our philosophy

We are currently building relationships across the world in different sports and creating new experiences through tourism.

Our Team

Our business is based sharing knowledge & ideas to help others, and seeking opportunities for people to experience the world

Joe Fiu
Joe Fiu


Joe has had an extensive career thus far working in the New Zealand Radio Industry early on after graduating from Victoria University and then moving into entrepreneurship by starting, owning and operating a successful company in the fitness industry before selling up late in 2016. At the moment he has been working in Coaching Education and Development with the Wellington Rugby Football Union (WRFU), heling coaches upskill, develop and essentially grow the game of rugby at a community level. Joe’s own coaching experiences at a rugby representative level has been with the Wellington Under 16s Side which won the Hurricanes Regional Tournament in 2016, and as of late assisting the current Wellington Lions programme as a resource skills coach.

Jakob Ellison
Jakob Ellison


I have been very fortunate to have played over ten years of professional rugby in both New Zealand and Japan, and represent my country playing for the NZ A’s and NZ Maori All Blacks. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to travel and play in many different countries. These trips for me have taught me some of the most valuable skills in both rugby and life, and lead to some of my greatest memories. Whether it be the ‘had to be there’ stories I am forever trying to re-tell, or the life long friends I have made from each place I have played in… this is what I want Toki Services to create for others. Personally, I am passionate about the development of the younger generations, up-skilling players at all levels of the game, and providing unforgettable experiences within different cultures and countries. Together with my business partner Joey, we are excited to see Toki Services assist individuals and teams, shaping their skills and creating opportunities. Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou kaora ai te iwi.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Ghandi

What we do

We see the key to people is to share, develop, create, build, maintain and connect

building relationships

The key to a successful business will always be people, not matter how much technology advances and how far we progress it will always come down to how well you can put people first. Our priority is to make sure we help them gain knowledge and experience in other parts of the world.

developing sports players and coaches

Through our online coaching platforms we are not only looking to help educate coaches and players to help improve their sporting experience, but connect with coaches all over the world by sharing ideas, interactive online sessions as well as direct coaching (face to face).

connecting people across the world

Toki Services are creating & building relationships with people all over the world in numerous industries such as sports, education and tourism.

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